I agree. Art is an expression of one’s soul.

AI has no soul. It’s a tool. To call a person a tool is a great insult. Because we are human. Not a tool. The expense of AI will keep it in corporate hands and those with the money to use it may not have integrity. But eventually, like all tech the price will come down and its use will be more widespread. It will be interesting to see how it develops. But humans have a history of not being good shepherds of any advancement in technology. We need the do better, in so many ways. Have we ever seen an advancement in science or technology that didn’t eventually get used for nefarious purposes?

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Of course I agree with you. When the Visitors make us have some time to be human by shutting off the lights for a while the creators, artists and makers with our hands will still be sculpting, making, drawing, painting, writing, reading, engineering and more. The rest will go insane without their tech that they never had the ability to create in the first place. That was up to us, the few in our vast culture that make the world go around. We have keen observational skills and the ability of critical thinking. We notice every breathe of nature and the stars in the sky.

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